I am currently working on several projects:

  • rsgrammar.js — A personal JavaScript library used for generative writing — both narrative and poetry. Similar to rsgestalt, but with using words.
    • A precursor to rsgrammar.js was VenusBot2015, a generative phrase twitterbot.
  • Metre — A system for creating structural animations that considers the size, shape, color, and coordinates of objects and links these properties to movement.
  • Primer — animation series, 36-54 short computational animations using Metre.
  • Brushstroke — An animated drawing application…
  • Equilibrium — An illustrated chapbook/zine collection (8 issues).
  • Collapse and Thrive — animated short film (experimental, collage animation)
  • Parameters — a set of essays that critically addresses fundamental issues surrounding aesthetics and art theory especially as it concerns abstraction and meaning
  • Variant Forms  — animation series, 36-54 short computational animations. See assets for the project here and here.
  • Agate Models of the Universe  — animation series, 36-54 short experimental animations

R. Stovall