I started this blog because I realized that a documentation of my work is a critical necessity to my practice. My hope is that this site will cut a signal through the noise. I am currently working on several projects:

  • rsgestalt.js — A personal JavaScript library used for parametric drawing and computational animation.
  • rsgrammar.js — A personal JavaScript library used for generative writing — both narrative and poetry.
  • Metre — A system for creating structural animations that considers the size, shape, color, and coordinates of objects and links these properties to movement.
  • Brushstroke — An animated drawing application to be used to create works more conducive to my vision… Animation programs seem too static. Need something more flexible to manipulate not only the time element but space and the object as well. 
  • Equilibrium — An illustrated chapbook/zine collection (8 issues). Idea for a zine (Perennial) subsumed into planned chapbook (Equilibrium) due to missed deadlines and idea depletion.
  • Collapse and Thrive — animated short film (experimental, collage animation)
  • Parameter — a set of video essays about aesthetics and art theory. My plan is to create something akin to the moving image version of gray literature… Or maybe they should just stay in essay format…
  • Variant Forms  — animation series, 36-54 short computational animations. See assets for the project here and here.
  • Agate Models of the Universe  — animation series, 36-54 short computational animations

R. Stovall